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Words May Go
by t. wagner
Cover art: Stephen Lindsteadt
50 pages/49 poems
Price: $19.95 + $3.00 S&H to U.S.A
Publisher: Quill and Parchment Press
1825 Echo Park Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Advance Praise:

From the ripening summer imagery of, "Windows left open not for a breeze,
but for moonlight," to the bracing surprise in the stockings of a,  "Christmas
card from a hooker in Minneapolis,"   T. Wagner's collection of short poems,
Words May Go give a whole new meaning to climate change. His poems are
an intimate conversation, picked up, carried on and interrupted by the occas-
ional monster under the bed,   only to be punctuated by turning on the light.
Poetry lovers and casual readers alike should study Words May Go and think
twice about the radiolucency of love.
‐Debbie Godwin Adams, Master Educator, Tucson, Arizona.

About the Author:

t. wagner lives and works in the American Midwest,  where he writes
fiction and poetry.    His work can be found on several online writing
sites‐including everything2 (where he writes under the pen name etouffee)
and Quill and Parchment.     He has previously contributed to several
poetry anthologies.  This is his first collection of poetry.

From the Book:

36 C mind in a 32 A body
by t. wagner

Her hips were made to swing
They moved with that certain sashay motion
While her feet fit into spike heels, smoothly
As surely as those fire engine nails slide into
Kid leather gloves
Although parts of her anatomy were imperfect
Her movements were unmistakable
Sending out messages that no one could mis-
"You make up for your lack of décolleté
with je ne sais quoi"
Said her French professor
who had first hand knowledge
Of her infrastructure


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