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by Spiel

Amos went first
clear of mind
but so ravaged and belittled
by Parkinson’s
that he no longer could swallow

told me he was finished
regretted he could not
complete his promise
he would try to live
one day beyond
the life of Fern
so none of us would have to
put up with the illness of her mind

throughout her troubled life
a frightened woman
by years of over medication
no will to continue
for one moment
past the death of Amos

lived eleven months beyond
during which she drove us all
past our limits
declared she was so angry
she’d just take the keys
and ram her car
right through the little house
Amos had left behind for her
so she’d never have to die
in an old folk’s home

though her childhood friends
casually gathered at our old farmsite
to reminisce about her life
not one single soul expressed regret
that she was gone         .


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