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All He's Left Me
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John

All he's left me

Are moonbeams in a jar

A box of dusty records

A busted old guitar

Yesterday's just a book of photographs

A calendar on the wall

The songs we used to sing

Memories one and all

Lord I'm gettin' older

A little wiser too

The spirits in my closet

Will help to get me through

Today's a passing moment

Tomorrow's far away

But Baby's silver tears

Are heavy dues to pay

Footsteps on the pavement

Reflections in a stream

His letters tied in bundles

Might be just a dream

Standing in the window

Gazing at the sky

I'd give anything you wanted

Just to see him passing by

I know how it is to be lonely

How does it feel to be free

Baby loved the highway

More than he loved me

Fleur d'Eau
Switzerland 1974

For Richard Sylbert

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