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The Ceremony
by Ann MacKenzie

She moves through life
sees lies
like arrows flying
through the air.

She dodges the ones
from enemies.
Places a shield
in front of herself
for those from friends
and family,
watching most
fall at her feet.

The thoughts that surround
her like a kaleidoscope
are carefully chosen,
honed and tamed.
Words are spoken
with precision.

She follows her
shadows through
caverns. Befriends
darkened corners.

She treats betrayal
like rain falling
on her skin
letting it evaporate
in forgiveness.

She stands undefended
while truth
swirls around her.

Enemies feel her ecstasy.


Sixty years of living
have given her the
eyes and ears
needed to embrace
wounded pieces
leaving her postured,
true and clear.

Silence protects
her like a prayer.
She sings songs
to the Universe
in her sleep.

Leaves part
making a path.
Water stands
still for her.

She kneels before her tribe.
They surround her
in a circle.

She kneels before her angels.
They surround her
in her thoughts.

She kneels before the Great One,
who surrounds her past,
present and future.

Humbled by their presence,
staying alert and dazzled
by life,

She bows her head
and receives the wings
of a warrior.


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