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Tarot of the Tower
by Candace Turner

Eyes gazing towards heaven
We watched the impossible
Layer after layer of majestic steel collapsed
            And the smoke billowed up and out
            And the misguided angels fell downwards
And then
Lest we hadn’t understood the first message
The horror was repeated
            underlined in bolded letters
            Message sent – Message received

Planes are not supposed to crash into buildings
            Our eyes said they had
            Our hearts said they couldn’t have
            Our minds said nothing

At the heart of the City
At the heart of the world
            A terrible aching silence

Candles burned creating paths of waxen tears leading nowhere
Wooden walls appeared
            Walls covered with pictures – sons, daughters, husbands, wives
            Words -Have you Seen?….Please call….Leave a message here
The picture walls grew larger as our hope grew smaller

City of Ash
Every step an agony of remembrance
Ghostly companions forever at our sides

Time goes on
Pain dulls
but the memory of 9/11 remains indestructible


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