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FootHills Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Ellaraine
Lockie's "Stroking David's Leg" - a chapbook collection of poetry
inspired by international travel.

Release date - September 1

From the book:

Sexed on a Kona Balcony

All his lovers have fed the birds he says
This is after I've sprinkled the balcony
with pieces of pancake

Well, we can't help it
Our wombs command the role
as surely as the moon dictates the slap
of waves against lava rock below the hotel

We are hardwired to feed hunger, if not in children
then in pets, plants and wild things
I especially like the wild ones
The touch between feral and female
A scrap becoming energy that burns in both directions

The myna who is empowered to squawk and walk
the perimeter as if giving orders
Zebra doves too dumb or smart to pay attention
House sparrows hopping like wind-up toys
as they pick up pieces for babies in a nearby palm

All of them fueling to follow their own destinies
And me with the same small flame that must have
kindled Annapurna when she filled Shiva's begging bowl
It burns through my morning bath

When I come out wrapped in a towel
to find more food for the birds
A saffron finch with fluorescent head
is eating macadamia nuts

that my man chopped with his pocket knife
He calls it male bonding
The nuts are coffee-coated, sugared and salted


Ellaraine Lockie writes poetry, nonfiction books and essays. She has
authored a poetry/art broadside, Mod Gods and Luggage Straps, BrickBat
Revue, and five previous chapbook collections: Midlife Muse, Poetry
Forum; Crossing the Center Line, Sweet Annie Press; Coloring Outside the
Lines, The Plowman Press; Finishing Lines, Snark Publishing; and Blue
Ribbons at the County Fair, PWJ Publishing. Among many other awards,
she has received the Writecorner Press Poetry Prize, the Skysaje Poetry
Prize, the Lois Beebe Hayna Award from The Eleventh Muse, the Elizabeth
R. Curry Prize from SLAB and has won the San Francisco Writers'
Conference Poetry Contest. She also teaches school and community poetry

Stroking David's Leg
is a 40 page hand-stitched chapbook.

For more information, to see an image of the book,
or to order online:

To order through mail send total price plus $1.75 Shipping and Handling
for each address sent to.
*Free shipping if ordered by September 1.
U.S. and Canada only
*(NYS Residents please add $.80 Sales Tax per book)

Send orders to:

FootHills Publishing
PO Box 68
Kanona, NY 14856


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