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by Jacqueline Craven

Red russet season.
Summer deepening into fall
Embracing me in shifting shadows
Mountains swallowed in a skein of mist
Leaves fall in a whirling dervish
Carpeting earth in monks' hues
Deep saffron, bleeding umber, tawny gold

Musky, earthy smell of compost
Rising from the bursting sod
Dark, dank, sweet decay
Scent of soil as spade wounds root
Ants scurry, worms wriggle
A glittering haze of gnats
Echoing calls of doves in tree-tops
Gossamer threads of spiders' webs
Gauzy swirl of nature's art

Harvesting,pickling fruits of my labour
Days for pies and stews
Soups simmering on the old wood-stove
Kettle dancing, spitting singing
Chestnuts popping on the fire
Bread rising on the hearth
Games of Scrabble in the fire-light
Cradling me in autumn's caul.


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