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Brian Noveck Biography

Los Angeles based artist Brian Noveck approaches his painting with ardent
energy and enthusiasm. The first art books that Brian received as a young
child about Chagall, Dufy and Picasso. Brian would sit for hours trying to
interpret what he saw. These artists have made a great impact on his painting
career and to this day are still among his favorite artistic heroes.

Brian's talents in art were recognized early on not only by his parents, but by
two insightful high school art teachers where he was immediately enrolled at
Art Center College of Design's high school program. Brian went on to college
at Art Center for four years and received a BFA degree in Design & Illustration.
These skills prepared him for a professional life as a designer of graphics, textiles,
apparel, tabletop and collectibles. All the while, Brian spent nights and week-
ends with paintbrush in hand and felt impassioned to return to what he loved
most... painting.

His love of painting is evident in the passionate emotions that convey his thoughts
through his strong line, color and texture. He is an accomplished painter of a variety
of subjects: tropical vistas, impressionistic still lifes and luscious figures. Brian has traveled extensively, gaining materials and inspiration for his visual language. His
work has been described as exuberant, powerful, with expressive bold brushstrokes.

You can find more of Brain's art on his Facebook page:  

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