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The Language of Stones
by Katy Brown

The Old Woman sits beside the river,
plucking cobbles from the bank,
washing them in icy water
before setting them aside.

Then, one at a time, she retrieves
the water-dark stones,
turning them over in her hands,
studying them, listening.

She places a rounded piece of granite
on the flat rock beside her,
moving the stone around
to eliminate wobble.

She chooses the next stone, red jasper,
to rest on the speckled granite. Rest,
not balance‐for she lines-up
the rocks along their centers.

The jumbled rocks beside the river
murmur of a world out of balance.
They reveal to the woman
that every stone can find its center.

In this simple act
of aligning a tower of rocks,
the Old Woman begins to
rebalance the wobbling world.

First Published: on the October 5, 2015 page of Medusa's Kitchen blogspot.


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