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by Jacqueline Craven

Wrapped in swirls of morning mist
haze hangs like a jeweled cape
summer's past and nights grow long
time for raking russet leaves
to heaps for turning,
churning into harmony

Our hill a many colored tapestry
trees sway gently, a line of hula- girls,
leaves skitter and scatter like golden lilies
bougainvillea flaunting, flaming
scarlet hussy of our hill-side
Time for chopping logs from broken branches
to bring in kindling to stoke the hungry stove
to watch the rosy, blazing flush of sunset
in the cutting light of fading afternoon

Shimmering crowds of stars dance in darkness
kaleidoscope of crystal spangled lights
reading books at bed-time with my sweetheart
warmed by glowing embers of the fire


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