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Return to Spring
by Susan Florence

We are back, welcomed
by song sparrows, white spring light
perfume of orange blossoms.

Back, as wisteria cascades in purple clusters
and the coral rose, Fragrant Cloud, opens.

Home when wild mustard and purple lupin
compete with green grass for meadows
and ceanothus shrubs burst hillsides blue.

Winter waters gush streams
and oaks swell with pollen
that will be yellow powder
on our deck at the house soon.

I pick up Mom at The Gardens,
wheelchair her to the car for lunch at the lake.
With drive-through burgers, and chocolate shakes
we open car doors at the lookout,
let the breeze of sage intoxicate.

Like the red-tailed hawk,
afloat on currents above,
we too are lifted by scented air
lulled by a weekday lake
held high, in awe of it all.


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