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For Lack of Diamond Years
by Caroline Beasley-Baker
92 pages/ 77 poems
ISBN-10: 1938349091
ISBN-13: 978-1938349096
Publisher: Pelekinesis
Price: $12.00
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About the Book:

For Lack of Diamond Years is an idiosyncratic collection
of short poems – most under 20 lines – where questions
lead the way.

The poems are a mixed set of free verse, unabashed
counting forms like the Hay(na)ku and the Elfchen,
and a very minimalist version  of John Cage's
mesostic form, along with a small number of poems
based on colors, and a few that steal freely from
traditional American songs.

But at its heart, "For Lack of Diamond Years" is a
quixotic narration between realms of being – from
the quotidian into the sometimes numinous, sometimes
murky realm of the unknown/unknown, and on into a
kind of revamped transcendental. There is a thread of
praise runs throughout – an embrace of the joys and
sorrows of thinking and feeling, of love and loss.

Advance Praise:

"FOR LACK of DIAMOND YEARS   is pitch perfect,  deeply felt
yet not sentimental, an  absolutely true-blue  and richly unadorned
dance with the language. Then there's the deft delineation of airy
space within the poems  –  much like small songbirds hopping
to flight after  feeding.   There isn't a dash here   to be altered.
A deep pleasure on the page."

"These poems are extraordinary. Caroline Beasley-Baker's voice
is unique, and strong, and like no other poet I know. She is the
real deal, as they say  –  everything works, even the ravishingly
brilliant ways that the poems appear on the page. For some reason,
I keep thinking of Leonard Cohen's lines, 'There a crack in every-
thing/That's how the light gets in'."

About the Author:

CAROLINE BEASLEY-BAKER  is a poet and visual artist.   Her poems
have appeared online and in print in Qarrtsiluni,   MungBeing  Magazine,
MOBIUS /The Poetry Magazine, The MOM Egg, La Fovea,  and volumes
5 thru 8  of the Brevitas Festival Review of the  Short Poem.  Meritage
Press published two chain poems done with writer/poet   Holly Anderson
and singer/songwriter   Lisa B. Burns in The  Chained Hay(na)Ku Project
anthology, 2010.

She frequently uses words/poems in her visual work for which she has
received a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in painting and
a National Endowment for the Arts in Collaborative Work. She lives in
Fort Greene/Brooklyn, New York.

About the Publisher:

Pelekinesis is a small book publishing company focusing on the develop-
ment   of independent   authors and  artists by  creatively embracing the
evolving publishing paradigm and utilizing modern distribution platforms.
Full catalog and press material can be found at

From the Book

pre-school/the eyes & ears
by Caroline Beasley-Baker

i spent my first 4 years in a beer joint in downtown
Kansas City on the edge of hillbilly and honky tonk –
                the ever-praised hank williams ...
but here's
         young ferlin husky/
                            lefty frizzell/webb pierce –

shuffleboard pucks click-swatting the beat –
                beer glasses sliding the length of the bar
my aunt flo polishes when things are a bit slow.

there's talk about politics –  which do you like best
sweet-pea – a Donkey/an elephant? ...the laughter –
my aunt lola sitting on my father's knee – my mother
                from off the top of the juke box:

ALL caught by the flash of uncle john's leica.
           & my grandmother liona ...well
as the genteel leila said:

that liona – she's a firecracker – you know –
she's half French/half Indian – fond of dancing & fishing
& ...

well– never you mind – sit closer honey-dear –
i'll teach you a song.


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