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Rise (an anthology of Power and Unity)
edited by Mark Lipman
206 pages/63 poets(+/- 90 poems)/ 22 full color illustrations/$25.00
Vagabond Books

Reviewed by: John Curl ~ PEN West Oakland

These are songs of standing up to darkness and transforming it into music.
The creative processes these poets use to channel their visionary works,
are the same creative processes that we channel in revolutionary struggle
in the streets or the halls of power.

What is really happening behind the smoke and mirrors? Why is it happening?
What‐if anything‐can we do about it?

The poems in this anthology are forged in the politics of revolt. They are
conjurations, spells to envelop our consciousness through sounds and images,
music and meanings. Constructive social change needs a high level of conscious-
ness, and these poems leave us strengthened in our struggle to leave a livable
world to our grandchildren.

Keep this book beside your pillow, let it fill your dreams.


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