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Tree Talk
by Cindy M. Hutchings
Publisher: MoonPath Press
104 pages, 43 poems, 42 photos
Language: English
ISBN-10: 193665718X
ISBN-13: 978-1936657186
Price: $15.00
To Purchase: Amazon

About the Book:

Tree Talk is a collection of poems written to a tree. Each poem is enhanced by the beautiful images of trees photographed by James Rodgers

Praise for the Book:

"Remember that summer day when a shaft of sunlight spackled on the white wall next to
you; shadow of Poplar leaves, moved by a breeze, danced through the laced curtained
window holding you rapt. Simple, delicate, beautiful . . . compelling. Tree Talk is a
thoughtful and contemplative work, and a delicate and heartfelt response to a chaotic
‐Philip H. Red Eagle, author of "Red Earth ‐ A Vietnam Warrior's Journey" and the
originator and co-founder of The Raven Chronicles.

As I read through Cindy's Tree Talk and gaze at James' photos, I find I'm transported dreamily
into a spiritual sense that trees are deity and her words become my prayers.
‐Jim Teeters, author ‐"Being, Doing, Loving" (2002), "If I Should Wake before I Die" (2006),
"Morning Wings" (2008), "Don't Turn Away" (2011), and "Reservations" (2012). (etc)

About the Author:

Cindy Hutchings was born in Seattle, and now lives in Auburn, WA. She graduated from
Green River Community College with an AA degree and High Honors and University of
Washington with a BA degree in English and Women Studies, and was initiated into Phi
Beta Kappa Society. She is a member of both Northwest Renaissance and Striped Water
Poets. She writes passionately about current events, and local and world-wide social
causes. She finds inspiration in the outdoors.

From the Book:

Driving Through
by Cindy M. Hutchings

Driving through
stands of green

I think of your
waiting arms

back home
so far away

I don't lose faith
even though

I love
these others


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