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Things I'll do now that he's gone
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

I'll go to Tuscany alone
and flirt with dark eyed men

I'll buy a zither
and join a gypsy band

I'll paint my toenails fire-engine red

I'll learn to write Sanskrit
and leave messages
scrawled in indelible ink
on bathroom walls
in cities with names
beginning with the letter "Q"

I'll stay in on Thursdays
and cry myself to sleep on Friday nights

I'll learn to tango
and propagate red roses
with 12 inch stems
devoid of thorns

I'll make wishes on stars
and believe they'll come true

I'll subscribe to Ladies Home Journal

I'll have an affair with Bob Dylan
I'll lose 10 more pounds
and become famous for something truly inane

It could happen you know


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