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More Sky than Earth
   (after a photograph by Dominik Modlinski~Isle del Sol. Bolivia)
by Katy Brown

a thousand years before Abraham,
Viracocha scooped the Andes
from the bottom of the sea
and shaped the land

he fashioned a great basin
and filled it with fresh water
where he rested
after the exertion of creation

he swam in the deep lake
that reflected indigo
of a vast sky
from which he had come

more sky than earth
more sun than stars
the new world
lay silent
under occasional clouds

Viracocha made a granite table
by the lake
and listened to the west wind

for the first time on earth
the yearning of a lonely heart
compelled action

thus were the Inca born
in the time before time
a thousand years before
the God of Ur
created Abraham

Many thanks to artist Dominik J. Modlinski for permission to reprint his artwork .
Please check out his website and feel free to send us any ekphrastic poems they generate or birth.


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