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Hawaii-Spring Retreat
by Claire Harrison Morton

When you suddenly called to say we had two days
to move out of our home forever,
I was on a retreat in Hawaii
steeped in esoteric Egyptian mystic lore.
My teacher was a blue-eyed Taoist
who had once been struck by lightning.
He taught in riddles; I was often confused.
He taught from his home
built on the black lava rocks that hold off the ocean
all along the untamed edge on that side of the Island;
there were troupes of wild boars roaming the underbrush,
you had to lock up your garbage like it was treasure.
From the windows of the little house I had rented for a song
that week
the yard exploded with violent colors,
even the earth itself an intense shade of red
I had never seen before
so beautiful but disorienting
as if things were possible you could never have imagined.

On March 16, 2015 @ 7pm, Claire will be Quill and Parchment's
Featured Poet at Vaucluse Lounge in the Charlie Chaplin
House: 8210 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046


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