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The Caterpillar and the Butterfly
by Mina V. Kirby

Through the window in my kitchen
I observe the delicate butterfly
as she flutters about our yard
elegant and free

My drab caterpillar self ponders
what it would be like
to be like be beautiful
to be able to fly

What a delight it would be
if I just had wings
But I am too busy right now
weaving together the threads of my life

I love each of these silky strands
wrap them around myself
tangling and straightening
making what I do not yet know

I luxuriate in those strings
made up of sticky hugs
kisses for skinned knees
hands to hold in the dark

There's homework
that needs a helping hand
bedtime stories to be read
teen angst to be eased away

So I stay close to home
make sure my loves are fed
tell them I am theirs forever
drive them to school in the rain

And dream that some day
if the weaving is done well
we will all crawl out of our cocoons
ready to glide beyond what we have known

We will unfold our magnificent butterfly selves
and soar through the trees
smell the fragrance of purple lilacs
taste their sweet nectar on our tongues

We will feel the sun's warmth
on our shimmering iridescent wings
and delight in the exquisite ecstasy
of finally being able to fly


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