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Music~A Family Affair
by Candace Turner

Dad listens to Pagliacci
Together, we cry along with the clown
Mom plays In the Mood
Arms linked, we dance round our kitchen
Dish-towels flip with our twirls
American Bandstand plays on TV
April Love and Pat Boone replace In The Mood

Dad dusts off an old 78—A Saber Dance
Susan, my middle sister, possesses its thundering beat
Runs from room to room
Arms and legs move in opposite direction—A puppet on a string
Pam, my younger sister, howls like the dog we didn't have

Bed time - the tempo changes
Scarlet Ribbons
You Are My Sunshine
Daddy's Little Girls
And for my ears only—I Call My Sugar, Candy

Dad's music evolves to Gregorian Chants
Everyone found someplace else to be
But their solemn tones mesmerize me

Elvis arrives and The Beatles follow
But the Stones roll in my heart and soul
The Eagles or Joan Baez keep me company on mellow days

Rock n Roll still greets my morning ears
Classical piano or violins fill my evenings
Years pass, the music changes
Saber Dance and Pat Boone still live in their dusty covers

Ave Maria sang in Dad's ear
You'll Never Walk Alone in Mom's

And then we did

But I still dream in Scarlet Ribbons


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