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Her Poetic Beginnings
by Jeannie E. Roberts

Some days are better than others.
On better days, the Chevy heads east,
the air is warm and breezes carry
her contentment past the Wisconsin
countryside and closer to the contours
that lie ahead ‐ where cattle graze
on sleepy slopes, tread gentle silhouettes,
find nourishment in the bosom
of whispering rye. It's this she sees

before she hears her dad trumpet,
"Keep your eyes peeled, Mother Nature's
comin' up!" Larger than life, the two
familiar grassy hills rise, then recede
as the car rolls past.

She looks back down highway ten,
where cattle grazed, and nature laid
its groundwork, nourished her muse
and she concludes, some days are better
than others; on better days, she writes.

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