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Date Night in Heaven
by Peggy Dobreer

We could go to Flintridge, find a shaded parking lot.
Kiss like sunshine for hours on end. We could stay
till we grow old. Roll the windows open. Make a bubble
bath in the back seat. Get a Hillbilly Hot Tub for the porch.
You know how I need water.

We would never miss a full moon together again.
Lunar exorbitance is always date night in heaven!

We could rent a booth in a local diner. Set up shop.
Ignore the clientele, read poems till we have to write more
and read 'em again. Forget our memories, be only presence.
Forget we have to go to work. Forget we need to pay the bills.
Forget we're supposed to feed the kids, walk the dog,
polish the wood.

You would buy me a book, hardback. The beauty of which
would make any coffee table blush. We would stand on line
for as long as it took. That's how much we want it. The lady
at the counter would be slow. We wouldn't care, we'd use the time
wisely. Stand together like nobody's business. Look in our eyes
till the line became horizon in the distance. Till tiny horses broke
from our bones and took to the page. Till all the pretty bubbles
escaped from our ears. And the moon slept where it rose like a baby.


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