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Ski Lift
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John

8 ounces peppermint schnapps
13 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
34 cup sugar
1 pinch of salt
13 cup boiling water
3 12 cups half and half
34 teaspoon vanilla extract
12 cup heavy cream
Mini marshmallows for topping

Divide the peppermint schnapps between 4 mugs.

Combine the cocoa, sugar and salt in a saucepan.
Blend in the boiling water.   Bring this mixture to a
slight boil while you stir.    Simmer and stir for 2
minutes, being careful not to let it scorch. Stir in
the half and half and heat until very hot, but do not
boil. Remove from heat and add vanilla. Add the
cream and immediately pour into 4 mugs.  Stir and
top with the marshmallows.

Editor's note:
This recipe contains alcohol. Please drink responsibly.


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