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benediction for a black swan
by Mimi Zollars
120 pages/46 poems
Publisher: She Writes Press (June 2, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1631529501
ISBN-13: 978-1631529504
Price: $14.95

About the Book:

In Benediction for a Black Swan, Mimi Zollars explores the topics
of childhood, children, marriage and divorce, alcoholism, and the
sensual world in a series of edgy, seductive, irreverent, and
ethereal poems. Incorporating elements of magical realism, Zollars'
sexy, darkly beautiful works embrace the miraculous as ordinary‐and
turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

About the Author:

Mimi Zollars was raised on both coasts of the United States and
currently lives on a small island off the Texas coast with her
three children. Raised in the Catholic Church and the ballet,
her ruthlessly romantic view of the world is not uninformed.
Zollars attended the University of Washington, where she studied
creative writing and dance.

From the Book:

by Mimi Zollars

lofty window of her studio
reflecting empty dawn
tiny bird skulls
cobalt wings
flower child beads strung
suspended in daylight

momentary          balance
an amends perhaps
for the cigarette she once put out
in a gloating vase of expensive flowers
at a Chihuly opening

that same night
she shattered the exquisite goblet
created with the aim of surviving
a single evening
unaware she had fulfilled its

she paints the scapulars
turquoise on calcified bone
sunlight tints the sacrum
color of geological stones

a form that serves no other function
than to alleviate regret
significance as a work of art
yet releases the essence of
the ideas she loves

the sculpture
no longer pretends to be
commands attention
precise edges          bone sharp
embodied          begins to float

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