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Delicious Rose-Flavored Desserts
by Judy C. Polinsky
192 pages
ISBN:9781510703315 (Hardback)
ISBN:9781510703322 (ebook)
Sky Horse Publishing
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Imagine a table laden with sweet dishes; cakes, puddings, creams, custards, jellies, candied
fruits, marzipan, ice creams; moulded into exotic forms, all flavored with roses and served as
the final course of an elegant meal! Welcome to the world of Georgian era (1714-1830) rose
flavored desserts, where the well-to-do would create an entire table of sweets as a show of
wealth and power.

In Delicious Rose-Flavored Desserts, culinary historian Judy Polinsky explores the use of roses and
rose water in Georgian cooking and baking. It contains a foreword by Clair Martin, Curator Emeritus
of the Rose Garden at the Huntington Library and Gardens, a history of roses as a food flavoring,
instructions how to select roses by scent and rose family, directions how to prepare rosewater from
your own roses, and over fifty recipes (or as the Georgians wrote “receipts”). The 18th century
original receipt is shown along with the modern version. Each receipt was tested without the use of
any electric conveniences, all by hand, than retested using modern appliances- mixers and food
processors. The reward is in the subtle blending and mixing of unexpected flavors to create a
wonderful taste treat.
Whether your interest is in cooking, rose gardening, or history, using roses from your garden to recreate
unusual receipts is an adventure and great fun!


Judy C. Polinsky retired from a career in the television and film industry to focus on her passions
for theater and history by presenting and interpreting food of the eighteenth century. Her
extensive collection of original and reprint Colonial era cookbooks gave her the source material to
develop accurate period-specific menus for her historical presentations. She is now a culinary
historian in association with the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino, California.

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