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Words from the River
by James Dalton Byrd
82 Pages/ 53 Poems
Publisher: Vabella Publishing From The River
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1938230426
ISBN-13: 978-1938230424

Advance Praise:

Pure magic to rip at your heart and to rend your soul, first
light to last lyrical note. James Dalton Byrd is a master wordwright.
-Thomas Young ~ author of Coming out of winter and Clive Barrow

This is the second of Byrd's poetry books for me. And it is so much
deeper. I chose to read 1 poem each day. Most days I was struck by
the simplicity of the images. Always made me think of or appreciate
something I might have taken for granted. I am familiar with the area
of which he writes and his words bring the place to life again for me.
Excellent book of poems. I bought several for gifts too.
-Peggy M. Eiss ~ Chapter Bound Book Club, Jericho, Vermont.

About the Author:

James Dalton Byrd was born in Beaumont, Texas. He was a musician/entertainer
for almost twenty years... playing in Beaumont, Dallas/Fort Worth, Nashville,
Washington D. C., Baltimore, and New York. He retired as a teacher of biology,
chemistry, and physics in 2003. Now he enjoys writing, fishing, and kayaking
in the Adirondacks for about four months out of the year. The influence of a
tour of duty with the United States Army (Infantry) in Vietnam emerges in
some of his poetry. All of his poems are taken from his wide range of interests
and experiences. In 2010 Mr. Byrd was invited to read from his body of work to
the Vermont House of Representatives.

From the Book:

In the Glowing of Fall
by James Dalton Byrd

I want to be with you when the red leaves fall,
when the frost returns and the high geese call.
When the spring has passed with its innocent ways
and memories now hold our warm, summer days.

I want to share a fire when stars sting the night
and the dark hills hide all else from our sight.
When, with soft tyranny, smoke demands our tears
and we remember other nights, fires, and years.

I want to hold your hands and warm them in mine
as I drink, with you, the last of life's sweet wine.
I want to be with you in the glowing of Fall;
when the frost is here and the last geese call.

January 2005

At Winter's End
by Kathryn Grace Byrd

I want to be with you
as wind passes through the trees...
and the rain falls lightly
like tears onto the earth.

I want to be with you
when our work here is done...
and our hearts beat no more
for others to hear.

I want to be with you
as we pass through Death's gate...
into the light
of eternal peace.

I want to be with you
as forever becomes part of our existence...
and we live only
in others' memories.

I want to be with you
at winter's end...
When we walk on God's shore
hand in hand as the lovers we've always been

June, 2008


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