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Mohave Eden
by Ed Bennett

Your hand cupped the bloom
brilliant orange against
unassuming sand and rock
"globe mallow" you instructed,
my eyes drawn to fragile color
born from infrequent rain blessings
on this hard floor of soil

then stare at your intensity,
your analysis of surrounding biome,
as mad in love with you
as a postulant for his God,
standing obediently in wait
for the desert sun 's exit
Before the coolness of night

a strange Eden, this one,
Joshua tree and cacti
instead of forbidden fruit,
the Divine Presence between us
fanning Himself with a red sun,
more benevolent in this venue
because it's just too hot for anger

caught in my reverie
you smile with a comment
about my attention span,
answering you with a laugh
and the secret thought of Adam
as he looked at Eve
on that first day.

From a forthcoming posthumous collection On the Porch by Ed Bennett (Quill and Parchment Press in conjunction with Angela O'Callaghan)  

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