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You and the Waterfall
by Garth Craven

There is no artifice in Nature.
No licensed architect designed
the tumbling torrent of this waterfall.
Carved these rocks with just
the jut and curve and ledge and fissure
which at this time and place
are one with one another
and could be no other.

And when from that great tree
which stretches, as it must,
it's trunk and boughs and branches
beyond the rock and torrent,
a brown leaf falls.
Floats back and forth, this way and that,
on currents churned by falling water,
it rests precisely where it must.

And as I see you there
still beside the falling water,
still among the fallen leaves,
still among the careless throng
who come and go and photograph.
I understand that at this moment,
this is the place that you must be.
In oneness with the falling water.
In oneness with the fallen leaves.
One with the rock and tree, the earth and sky.

And in this moment I with you
In our oneness give the lie
to those who always will insist
that one and one make two.


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