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by Ellaraine Lockie

You attack after two torrential weeks
This time you won't find me
wallowing in any river of resignation

This time my skin is steel
My gaze goes beyond your dark mask
I muffle your belly rumble
And refuse to taste my anemic blood
Or breathe in the aftermath of apathy

Oh, I knew you'd come like clockwork
So I planned my escape to another world
Where I wear a bright orange robe
with a rhinestone brooch

In a house where a hundred candles burn
Their bouquets caressing the brisk air
Their flickers animating silhouettes
on a snow-white wall

I knit a string of Christmas lights and soft wool
into the warmth of summer sun
My cat watches the crimson ball of yarn
and her tail twitches to a knit and purl tic

In front of me a fire blazes wooden window
blinds instead of black oak logs
A full-spectrum lamp illuminates from behind
while I read a book about a Bengal tiger on a lifeboat
And suck lemons through a peppermint stick

Here I haven't opened a vial of Prozac
And I don't spend the days in bed or bathtub
This time I'm not suffering your sad assault

SAD: seasonal affective disorder


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