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The Beach
by Judy Barrat

The waves rise and fall in undulating swirls.
I sit in the sand on this familiar expanse of beach.
This sand knows all my secrets, my past, my now.

I remember how, as children we played,
you and me; laughing, crying, growing, changing.
Only this beach does not change.

I see your blue eyes, dimpled grin, wild dark hair,
muscles of your bronzed body rippling in the sun,
as, unaware of your magnificence you run into the sea.

The waves roar reminding me they have taken you;
I shout to them: "I'm here ‐ Take me too."
as I walk to the water's edge and into the sea.

The sun is bright; icy wetness bites my ankles,
legs, hips. I dive deep into a wave.
In the turbulent darkness I feel you near.

Your voice permeates the abyss: It implores me
"Reach for the sun, for life". Tossed by the current,
I reach out in panic and break the surface gasping
in the sun.


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