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Flowers on Adrienne Rich's Grave
by Mira N. Mataric

There are days when housework
seems the only outlet,
said Adrienne,
sad or mad about the intricate net
of life entangling a woman,
mother and wife.
I am silent not out of writer's block
or fear of tabula rasa. There is
so much to say: today a smart woman
chooses not to moan about
witch hunting, widows burning
after husband's death,
stoned for love with a married man
(he not punished) or profuse abuse
from her father, older brother, husband,
lover, boss or other, neglected, disrespected,
labeled for lovemaking, sex,
procreation, defloration, fornication,
any other "ation' so much so
that admiration may sound threatening
and potentially lethal.
How do we get out? Change?
Adrienne Rich gave her life
to that issue. Now she may finally rest
in peace deserved and blessed.


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